Creating an Exness Account 2023 – How to Create an Exness Account

To create an Exness account easily, quickly and conveniently, you can follow the process including the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Exness homepage

Visit the Exness homepage
First, you need to access the following link to go to the Exness website:

At the top right of the website homepage, you will click on the registration section to begin the process of opening an Exness Demo account.

Step 2: Fill in the registration information

  • Fill in registration information
  • After selecting the registration section, you need to fill in all the information required by the website, which is mobile phone number, email and create a password to secure your account.
  • Note that the password needs 8 characters containing both numbers and letters to achieve the highest security. Once done, click continue to register.
  • The system will send an authentication code to both your email and phone, so you need to enter the information you are using to easily perform this step. The verification code sent to email will have 6 digits and sent to phone number 4 digits.

Step 3: Confirm identity 

  • Enter personal information
  • This is an important step to confirm your information now and in the future. You need to fill in the information about your full name, date of birth exactly according to your citizen identification card or identity card.
  • Then carefully review the terms of the contract and select agree to go to the next step.

Step 4: Security settings

  • To avoid having your information leaked or stolen, causing damage to you, or doing things contrary to the contract, you need to set up security by choosing the security type by email or phone number and entering a secret word. then click next.
  • Fill full the information
  • Identity card number/Citizen identification card/Passport
  • You will have Vietnamese nationality by default
  • For the country you are residing in, please select Vietnam. In case you are temporarily residing in another country, please select the country you are in.
  • Select the postal code where you live and select where you are currently located.
  • Click next to confirm and complete entering information. You need to confirm the information again.
  • Instructions for verifying the Exness account
  • Exness account verification means verification of your identity and address.

Choose the form of verification

After registering for Exness, your computer screen will appear with the things you need to verify, and click on it.

First, you need to click to verify the ID card/citizen identification card/passport that you entered in the information section, then a window will appear for you to update the images of the documents you have declared. Report information to see if it matches or not.

Next, you select the items: Easy to read and colorful, all 4 edges are clearly visible and all sides containing necessary information must be clear, then click submit to check the information.

To verify your address, follow the same steps as above but you need to update the documents that the Exness system accepts such as your driver's license, and all bills from electricity, water, banks, or all other bills. The invoice contains the information that you previously registered to open an Exness account.

With the simple steps above, you can complete opening an Exness Demo account.

Instructions for setting up Exness account security

Account security is one of the important operations that any investor who wants to conduct safe transactions must perform. After successfully creating an Exness account, you should install two-step verification on your account to ensure the safety of transactions and avoid information theft and account hacking. Security operations will be carried out as follows.

Step 1: Go to personal area → Select “Settings” → Select “Privacy settings” → Select “Change”. Select Google Authenticator and re-verify 2 steps with email or phone number

Conduct account security verification

Step 2: As for conducting phone number or email verification, you will have it right from the start, just tick one of the two methods. Generating a Google Authenticator security key works as follows:

  • Start downloading the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone.
  • Scan the QR code or manually enter the security key by entering the account name and security key provided to you by the system to get the 6-digit code information for each user login.

Complete security settings

Finally, enter your 6-digit Google Authenticator verification code and tap Confirm to complete.


Exness offers three different account types: Standard, Pro, and Raw Spread. Each account type comes with different benefits, such as higher leverage, lower spreads, and dedicated customer support. The Standard account has a minimum deposit of $1, while the Pro and Raw Spread accounts have a minimum deposit of $200 and $500, respectively.

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