Affstore And Exnova Is A Scam Platform, Be Careful You Might Be Next!!!

Exnova floor managed by Affstore is a non-transparent operating platform, lacking consistency in how it operates and how it cheats based on its regulations with the Affstore system.

We are an online marketing company based in Vietnam, and this is a true story. Exnova is currently stealing my money as their partner, and BE AWARE, you could be the next victim.
To provide more context, in December 2023, I contacted the support provided by Affstore to inquire about legitimate advertising conditions. Surprisingly, they allowed brand advertising, contradicting the platform's existing rules. However, trusting them as representatives of the trading platform, I engaged in various advertising methods on their recommendation, including purchasing brand keywords (attached images).
Nevertheless, in December, Exnova accused me of violating their terms, alleging the use of their brand keywords in advertising. Prior to this, they had confirmed that running brand keywords was entirely permissible. Immediately after we gained customers and commissions from various sources, they swiftly turned around, wiping out all our earnings and clients.
Despite presenting evidence showcasing the legality of my other marketing activities and Exnova failing to provide specific proof of other violations, I continued my promotional work on the website. While I acknowledge violating Affstore's general terms, why did their support allow us to take such actions even when they represent the trading platform?
They continue to prolong the issue to modify or conceal any foolish reasons they can think of. But what I suspect is:
  • If they make a decision based on clear evidence of how I violated their terms and conditions, it means they still have to adhere to Affstore's general rules. So, why do the support staff want to act covertly under their watchful eyes? Have they already considered this their backyard?
  • Currently, they have deleted all my clients, wiped out commissions, and forced me into a $1000 debt, seizing customer data for their sales team to profit effortlessly without putting in the work.
  • They responded with a lengthy yet meaningless email. I replied to all points, confirming with support before executing the brand keyword purchases, and now, they ask me to wait for some “relevant department” to provide feedback.
This is not how a trustworthy and respected broker should treat their partners or customers. Exnova's support is clearly embezzling my money and trying to enforce rules to trap me, knowing that I have been deceived. After all, my entire investment has been lost, and I am burdened with additional debt created by their fabricated rules. Be cautious, as you could be the next target of this scam.